Thursday, April 3, 2014

COMIC1☆8: Clesta / Cle Masahiro / CL-orz 35 & 36

Bombs away

Between regular book releases, character goods, and random high-quality image releases via TwitterClesta's Cle Masahiro is reliably one of the more prolific doujin-ka in the game, and the S-Level circle will bring its A-game to late April's COMIC1☆8.  Originally previewed at February's Sunshine Creation 62, the circle is ready to publish its latest Kan Colle erotic parody book, CL-orz 35, starring the stockinged ship-shape starlet Suzuya.  This is the circle's third consecutive Kan Colle parody release, following Nagato's debut on CL-orz 33, and Atago's on CL-orz 34.  

In recent weeks, Clesta's Cle Masahiro has teased fans with brand-spanking-new images of Kantai Collection fleetmates AtagoNagatoMusashi, and Tenryuu, as well as Sailor scout Venus on his Twitter feed.  Of these, only the Atago image was unfinished.  What was last shall be first, so they say, and so it shall be with this life-sized tapestry of the buxom blonde bombsheller to be sold at COMIC1☆8.

Updated 7:48 pm 4/26:  Clesta's work output rate truly is class of the field, as the circle has revealed not one but two additional publications for sale at COMIC1☆8.  Atago makes her second appearance on a Clesta cover on CL-orz 36, looking decidedly more engaged than she was on the cover of the circle's 34th volume.

In addition, the Kancolle fun continues with Kaga on the cover of an omake book that just might have been named by the artist's cat walking across the keyboard.

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