Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No Picking or Choosing Necessary--Karorful a la carte

Well-deserved compilation mook streets

Months upon months of radio silence from super-ero-kawaii creator Karory has paid off in spades!  The once-prolific artist's lack of communication or new works has been explained away with the release of the artist's first mook, Karorful a la carte, released late last week on the streets of Japan.  The 160-page book features the same original character creation figure collectors were surprised by at Comic Market 83, and looks to contain a cadre of retouched beauties from the artist's catalog of originals previously featured on the circle's website.  While I greatly look forward to Karorful Mix EX12, whenever it might come into being and whatever series it might parody, big congratulations to a most deserving creator!

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