Friday, April 4, 2014

COMIC1☆8: Popochichi / ぽぽちち / Yahiro Pochi

Unheralded conquistadors

The most squeezably soft damsels in the dominion of doujinshidom come from the pen of Popochichi's Yahiro Pochi, and the femmes fatales of World Conquest Zvezda Plot, Kate Hoshimiya, Itsuka Shikabane, and Natalia Vasylchenko, along with foiler Renge Komadori acclimate themselves nicely to Pochi's puchi-puchi style on the cover of the circle's latest offering.

The B5-sized, 24-page release is already available for purchase at Toranoana, and will be offered directly to fans at COMIC1☆8 later this month.  The circle has been strangely silent regarding this latest effort, with no updates or hints on their website, nor on Pochi's Twitter feed, leaving it to AkibaBlog to break the news to fans.  Toranoana's preview pages and AkibaBlog's coverage suggest a bit of departure from the circle's usual sex-positive, playful, happy content to something darker and more intense--perhaps it's something about COMIC1, recalling last year's eye-scorching Tamako Market release...?

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