Friday, April 4, 2014

COMIC1☆8: HitenKei / Hiten

Kanmusu require R&R, too!

Having labored for years under the burdensome moniker Shadow Sorceress Communication Protocol, circle artist Hiten publicized the sale of a new doujinshi via Twitter today being sold under a different label.  KanColor, weighing in at 20 B5-sized pages, is being sold by Toranoana and Melonbooks under the circle name HitenKei, will be available at COMIC1☆8, and it looks like the book is ecchi-but-not-hentai to boot!

Updated 4:51 pm 4/27:  Hiten's revealed an additional all-ages Kancolle release for COMIC1, a simple-yet-lovely B2-sized tapestry of Yuubari.  

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