Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ishikei's Comiket Staffer by Wing Looking Warm


Generally speaking, up until now Wing's greatest contributions to the figure collecting milieu have been of the Super Sonico variety, but they caught my attention at the latest Wonder Festival with their revelation of a maquette of Ishikei's Comic Market 77 catalog cover girl.  While the artist has been missing from the doujinshi scene for quite some time, he's been all over the pages of Comic X-Eros lately, so we can't exactly accuse him of resting on his dirty, filthy laurels.  However, fans were recently treated to an image on his Twitter account, showing the front side of that same Comiket staffer, looking as though she's had enough of the Odaiba heat.  With this, a confirmation from Wing that, to accommodate the separate poses, Ishikei's Comiket girl will come with alternate torsos to be displayed clothed or unclothed. 

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