Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Comic Market 84: Ajisai Denden / アジサイデンデン

A bright-as-day victory lap for circle's Darker Than Black work

After the circle's triumphant, nearly canon-worthy treatment of Spice and Wolf at Comic Market 83, and this year's Code Geass parody from Comic1☆7, I was greatly looking forward to see what Ajisai Denden had in store for fans at Comiket 84.  Naturally, my luck being what it is, the circle's next release is a retrospective, as the circle will be releasing their first series-specific soushuuhen, in scores, collecting at least the circle's four previous Darker Than Black full-length features, all featuring blind, emotionless Finnish doll Yin.  The circle reports a 140-page length, including 26 pages in color.  

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