Thursday, August 8, 2013

Comic Market 84: Kohakutei / 琥珀亭 / Sakai Hamachi

What's old is new again

I first became a fan of Sakai Hamachi's Kohatukei after reading his 2008 pair of Spice and Wolf parodies and have been a casual follower of the circle's work since.  The circle tends to over-exaggerate his characters' bodies just slightly, lending a little extra heft to all the juicy bits without getting grotesque (though some need no additional assistance in that regard) and, if I'm being honest, I enjoy that he doesn't make all of his girls hairless naifs, and he draws a pretty darned erotic erection to boot. 

Kohakutei has a pair of ero doujin in store for fans at Comiket 84.  Confusion Level Q looks to reboot the circle's long-running Evangelion books, disengaging from the Asuka x Shinji pairing of their six Confusion Level A parody books of the original TV series, which came out in a trickle between 2007 and 2012, to instead join the timeline of the series-reimagining films.

The circle's second C84 offering, StarDust Scene2, continues the Precure! parody story the circle began at Comiket 83 last December.

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