Thursday, August 1, 2013

Comic Market 84: Ties / Takei Ooki

No scales, no scars, just super-sexy Sengoku from Ties at C84

After a brief dalliance with Love Live! and To Love-Ru at Comic1☆7, it looks like it's back to the Monogatarisphere for fans of Takei Ooki's Ties, with a slate of goods featuring his favorite, Nadeko Sengoku, at the fore.  The snake graces the cover of the circle's latest ero doujin, her seventh appearance on a Ties cover, and she also appears on a lovely Twister-themed dakimakura that comes with an exclusive omake booklet.  Not to be totally forgotten, the Araragi girls grace the cover of the circle's omake book, Extra! vol. 9

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