Thursday, August 1, 2013

Comic Market 84: Afterschool of the 5th Year / 5年目の放課後 / Kantoku

Tartan Titan lightens up for some fun in the sun at C84

Kantoku exists in the rarefied air of anime artists who are popular in spite of, rather than because of, their erotic artworks, whose fans would rather see his creations clothed than unclothed.  Such is the power of the tartan-checked skirt, and we are hopeless to resist the appeal of those patterns, those lines and checks and colors, whether swirling beguilingly from a girl's hip or tracing the outline of her bust.  So shall it be at Comic Market 84--it looks like the Tartan Titan's offering will be a non-ero book featuring original creations in the summer-weight outfits and fabrics we all know and love the artist for. 

The artist also revealed a sweet B1-sized tapestry released by eroge publisher CUBE, featuring the girls of [your diary] ready and waiting to serve.

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