Friday, August 9, 2013

Comic Market 84: Number2 / Takuji

Full-color Kirino End from the Titan of Titles

No circle has more fun with the absurdity of the length of long light novel series titles than Number2, who has penned such remarkable works as the Haganai title I Have Too Much Cum, I Can't Stop Cumming Inside Your Pussy, and the OreImo parodies Going Bareback and Coming Inside My Sister and My Sister's Friend.  The circle's devotion to Kirino and Chums has been going on strong for quite a while; they released a soushuuhen of their previous six previous OreImo doujin AND a new OreImo parody book, I Had a Crush on Onii-chan.  He Stole My Virginity From Me In Front of My Friend, at Comic1☆7.

With the anime and light novels both coming to an end recently, one could not be blamed for hoping that the circle would keep the hits on coming, and today's reveal  Regrettably, because of my complete Japanese illiteracy, I cannot read what looks to be another hefty title from the quality circle, but with the world's favorite ota-imouto gracing the cover of their Comiket 84 offering in fine bridal fashion, it's sure to be another championship-calibre edition.

Additionally, it looks like a previously untouched character in Number2's version of the OreImosphere, Saori, gets featured in an omake booklet.

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