Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Comic Market 84: Tony Taka / T2 Art Works / Recollect2

Another A4-sized retrospective from the King of Doujin Kings at C84

The Tony Taka character creation business is big business--one need only consider the unrelenting deluge of somewhat similarly faced PVC damsels cascading from the studios of Kotobukiya, Alphamax, Max Factory, Native, Arcadia, Good Smile Company, Clayz, and on and on and on.  Quite truly, someone new to the doujin scene could be excused from not knowing that Tony honed his craft just like countless artists will next month, by producing and publishing parody ero doujinshi--it's been two years since Tony last parodied a franchise he was not directly involved with, a Working!! parody from Comic Market 80 in August 2011.

At Comic Market 83 in December 2012, T2 Art Works released its first A4-sized publication, Recollect, which included 64 pages of some of Tony's finest original erotic character creations as well as erotic parody portraits, reproduced and retouched for the larger format.  So too shall it be at next weekend's Comic Market 84, as revealed today on Tony's website.  Recollect2 will be another 64-page A4-sized retrospective of some of Tony's finest works, both of his own characters as well as parodies.  This book's cover girl clearly attends the same school as Recollect's cover girl, and Alphamax revealed at Wonder Festival its intentions on producing that previous girl in 3D form...could we have a double display to look forward to in the future?

T2 Art Works' slate of goods for sale at the convention is as impressive as ever, with a dakimakura of an original creation as well as other various goods and sundries.  More details to come!

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