Saturday, April 26, 2014

COMIC1☆8: TIES / Takei Ooki

Hanami party foul, kanmusu-style

Takei Ooki of TIES was formerly a frequent contributor to the doujinshisphere, and as a readily apparent fan of the Bakemonogatari anime series judging by the circle's catalogue, one would think that the somewhat regular new seasons of Monogatari anime on Tokyo television would inspire more works than we've seen from the highly talented artist.  The last full-fledged effort we've seen of the circle was Comiket 85's Kantai Collection parody, which included a bonus omake book featuring Zuihou on the cover.  Finally, it's her time to shine, as the circle will sell a full-length Zuihou parody work at COMIC1.

This time, it's Shiranui being relegated to omake status--someone may want to alert foremost spats aficionado Peter Payne of JList to this one:

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