Monday, December 9, 2013

Comic Market 85: Digital Lover / D.L. Action 82 & 83 / Yuka Nakajima

The doujinshi James Brown plunges fast and deep at C85

The hardest-working artist in the ecchi parody doujinshi business, Digital Lover's Yuka Nakajima has started to reveal some of the goods the circle will be featuring for sale at Comic Market 85.  Already once dashed upon the rocks by the sirens of Kantai Collection, Nakajima has thus far revealed a 60cm x 120 cm bath towel featuring two of the Kongou sisters enjoying a good hull-debarnacling, and what looks to be a small desk-sized calendar with super-deformed versions of an assortment of the girls.  If past performance can be used as an indicator of future results, I'll be not at all surprised to see a pair of ero doujin unleashed by the circle between now and then, though what series shall be lampooned is anyone's guess at this time.

Update 1, 9:01 am 12/12/13:  Yuka Nakajima has released more images of the desk calendar her circle will be selling at Comiket 85, and it certainly seems there's far more than just chibified Kanmusu in fans' future.  Many series lampooned by the circle in the past (Index/Railgun, SAO, Evangelion, OreImo, Monogatari) join girls that have yet to receive their own D.L. Action title (Madoka Magica, Attack on Titan), and a few series for which Nakajima designed the characters (Papakiki, Amagi Brilliant Park) on the pages of the calendar.  The only one I can't identify is the one in the bottom left--any helpers out there?

Update 2, 1:43 pm 12/16/13:  The latest reveal of goods offered by Digital Lover at Comic Market 85 showcases that most robust of the Kanmusu, Atago, on a clear file.  Similar to the treatment Shimakaze got at Sunshine Creation 61 in October, Atago's uniform is perfectly intact on the outside, obscuring her post-skirmish condition on the interior.

Update 3, 12:45 pm 12/23/13:  To the surprise of not a single person paying attention, as revealed today by Yuka Nakajima, D.L. Action 82 will indeed return to the waters of the Kantai Collection universe.  Shimakaze's presence carries over from D.L. Action 81, but she's joined on the cover this time by Kongou and the Submarine I-19.  Nakajima seemed to confirm that the same shota inexperienced admiral from the circle's previous Kan Colle parody book will repeat his performance in this edition.

Update 4, 10:12 am 12/27/13:  And there's the surprise release we've come to expect from Digital Lover--time to reach behind the Rock Band drum set, dust off the Nerve Gear, and plug back into the world of Sword Art Online, as Asuna Yuuki graces the cover of D.L. Action 83.  While it seems like forever ago that SAO was in the forefront of fandom's collective mind, it was only back in February 2013 that Asuna last appeared on the cover of a Yuka Nakajima doujin, on Sankuri 58's D.L. Action 74.

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