Sunday, December 8, 2013

Comic Market 85: Shoujo Kishidan / 少女騎士団 / Oyari Ashito

Singing, dancing, seafaring?--Ashito's idol complex faces fleet of frigates at C85

Prolific erotic stick figure artist Oyari Ashito has been an awfully busy man as of late, with an art exhibit and the publishing of career retrospective artbook Little World 2 giving reason to revisit and retouch some of his old favorites, and the release of world- and heroine-conquering strategy RPG Eiyuu*Senki Gold coming out in January, but it seems that Ashito has had some opportunity to squeeze in a little doujin work, AND flex his admiralty skills as well in the lead-up to Comic Market 85.

For quite some time, Ashito's oeuvre has been dominated by that novel, uniquely Japanese female identity construct, the idol, and C85 currently projects to be no different.  Ashito's two latest doujinshi have focused on the rescuing angels of Otonokizaka Academy from Love Live! School Idol Project--April's gravure-style Kawaikute shikata ga nai! and August's intercourse-heavy followup, Midsummer Night Dream.  Images of μ's Eri Ayase and Niko Yazawa have appeared on Ashito's Twitter feed recently, certainly suggesting a third book is in the works.

Not to be forgotten, it would be no surprise if Ashito's most frequent targets, the girls of iDOLM@STER's 765 Productions, were included in the festivities this December as well.  Ashito posted a sketch of four-time covergirl Iori Minase to his Twitter account not long ago.

Like what certainly seems to be a majority of his doujinka cohorts, it also seems like Ashito will seek to cash in on the popularity of Kantai Collection at C85, if these recently posted images of Inazuma are any indication.

Update 1, 11:15 am 12/9/13:  More evidence from Oyari Ashito's Twitter feed today certainly seems to assert the presence of a Kan Colle parody ero doujin from Shoujo Kishidan at C85--it looks like the diminuitive Inazuma's sharing drydock space with the heavy cruiser Atago!

Update 2, 11:04 am 12/11/13:  Via his Twitter feed, Oyari Ashito confirmed this as the work-in-progress cover of his Kantai Collection parody doujinshi at Comic Market 85.  Certainly an interesting choice, keeping the ports along either side of Inazuma's spine there...

Update 3, 3:28 pm 12/14/13:  Another update from Ashito's Twitter feed today reveals the book's title, Maiden Voyage.

Update 4, 6:41 pm 12/22/13:  Oyari Ashito has confirmed the final version of his Kantai Collection ero parody doujin, Maiden Voyage.  As has been previously indicated, it stars the kanmusu Atago and Inazuma, and of perhaps greater interest, it makes a point of naming those two and those two alone--could it be that Ashito's Christmas gift to fans is a first-ever yuri release?  I, for one, can't wait for preview pages to be released to find out!  Update 5, 10:04 am 12/27/13:  Ashito revealed preview pages on his website today and in doing so confirmed this is definitely not a yuri release.

Radially arched Copperplate Gothic...have the Golden State Warriors been notified of this?

Update 6, 10:06 am 12/27/13:  Via his Twitter feed, Ashito has finally revealed his plans for the Love Live and iM@S sketches he'd posted in the previous month or so--the circle's trying to produce an omake book to be offered at C85, rather than a full-fledged second release.  Love Live's Maki Nishikino graces the cover of the bonus book.

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