Friday, December 20, 2013

Comic Market 85: †NIL† / Haru Fujibayashi/ Stardust Tears 2

OreImo canon fire at C85

Following the publishing of the uproarious final chapter of that ultimate otaku bait light novel, Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, and the subsequent conclusion of the faithful and equally incendiary anime adaptation, fans worldwide have had to come to grips that, according to series canon, Chiba's chuunibyou darling Kuroneko did not win the day, that, in fact, Kyousuke Kousaka suffered just as bad a sister complex as we had hoped he didn't.  The image of a wedding dress-clad Kirino in print, in animation, and in figure form was exactly the indelible mark which many fans feared would mar not just their recollection of an otherwise enjoyable series, but anime fandom as a whole, a grand final insult, another item added to the list of examples of debauchery and ridiculousness for non-fans to use against us.

In the world of doujinshi, of course, the pairing of Kirino and Kyousuke is just another possible iteration in a series filled with excellent pairing opportunities, checking off a certain rarefied and taboo handful of boxes for Hiroki Azuma's "Database Animals" that Kuroneko or Ayase or Manami cannot.  

Haru Fujibayashi of the obnoxiously moniker'd circle †NIL† explored the night before the siblings' graduation ceremonies, their agreed-upon terminus of their affair, with an artistically accomplished, sensibly and sensitively written, sexy, all-in-all charming parody doujinshi, Stardust☆Tears, released at Comic Market 84.  As suggested by the ending of that book, Fujibayashi had more OreImo work to do, and we will get that continuation at C85 at the end of the month with Stardust☆Tears 2.

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