Sunday, December 8, 2013

Comic Market 85: Mugen@WORKS / むげん@WORKS / Akiduki Akina

All Kongou, no Kurtz at C85

Mugen@WORKS' Akiduki Akina was among the earliest doujin artists to start milking the cash cow that is Kantai Collection, managing to eke out a full-length book in less than three weeks for Comic Market 84, but unlike most artists' eagerness to exploit the vastness of the game's roster, Akina has found his girl and stuck with her.  The personification of the battleship Kongou will make her third consecutive cover appearance for Mugen@WORKS book at Comic Market 85 with the release of Kon-Colle 03--frequent readers will also note the artist's continued proclivity toward considerably kyonyuu'd covergirls squeezing, grasping, clutching, and otherwise manipulating themselves for the reader's titillation.  

Update 1, 6:48 pm 12/22/13:  In a completely unheralded move, Akiduki Akina revealed yesterday that Mugen@WORKS would have a second book for sale at Comiket 85.  Kongou will be joined by the kanmusu aircraft cruiser Suzuya in the waters around Odaiba, though it looks like she may need some assistance replacing a gasket, of the cover is to be believed....

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