Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Comic Market 85: Men 120 Percent / 綿120パーセント / Menyoujan

Mademoiselle Dunois à l'honneur au Comiket 85

While the circle's covers may sometimes borrow liberally from the Ishikei playbook, the content of Men 120 Percent's erotic doujinshi can certainly hold their own against the titans of the industry.  Despite it being 2013, the circle lacks a web presence, so I must thank Toranoana for showcasing their latest creation, Sharu no Ero Hon, featuring Infinite Stratos' Charlotte Dunois.  This marks the circle's second venture into IS Academy, the previous occasion back in November 2011 with Pistonight.  This A4-sized, 16-page effort will be released on December 22, and will surely be present at Tokyo Big Sight the following week.  

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