Saturday, December 28, 2013

Comic Market 85: Wireframe / Hagure Yuuki

*Sad trombone*

After months of radio silence, word from WIREFRAME camp has finally been heard, and the news is not good.  For reasons not known to this writer, Hagure Yuuki had to announce that the circle would not have a book or any goods for sale at Comic Market 85.  The circle will be present at Day 2 of the event, Monday the 30th, with naught but an A4-sized illustration card of Kantai Collection's Murasame to dispense free of charge to fans.  Considering that the circle released a soushuuhen and omake book at C84, and a dakimakura and omake book at C83, one has to look all the way back to August 2012's Comic Market 82 to find a new full-length book from the circle. 

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