Sunday, December 8, 2013

Comic Market 85: TIES / Takei Ooki

Kantai Collectionogatari?

With sparse and occasional exceptions, the work of Takei Ooki's TIES has focused on the supernatural harem orbiting Koyomi Araragi in NisiOisin's Monogatari series, and with Monogatari Series Second Season's airing currently, one would not be at all surprised to see another romp in the hay with Nadeko, Tsukihi, Hitagi, et. al. in the works from this most gifted doujin-ka.  Something else no doujinshi fan would be surprised by at this winter's Comiket?  You guessed it--a Kantai Collection parody.  While an official indication is forthcoming, it's surely no great stretch to project as much, as Ooki posted this sketch of the light cruiser Yahagi to his Twitter account not long ago.
Update 1, 11:08 am 12/24/13:  How could I have overlooked Ooki's affinity for sister acts?  After long plying in the trade of the Monogatari series' Araragi girls, TIES will feature Kan Colle's Kongou sisters on the cover of their C85 release, with Suzuya and Izakuchi getting in on the scene as well!  No word yet on whether this will be a strictly yuri release, or if an admiral will be assigned to this particular flotilla...Update 3, 4:01 pm 12/28/13:  Preview pages confirm there is what we'll call a less experienced admiral at the help of this particular fleet.

Update 2, 3:52 pm 12/28/13:  A somewhat late reveal by Takei Ooki today via Twitter--a fifth kanmusu has come under his auspices at Comiket 85 in the form of an additional doujinshi.  Kan Colle's Zuihou is the star of what is described as an "extra book"--short-form, roughly done omake books are not uncommon in TIES' past, but typically they are titled Extra! vol. #.  Perhaps this one is more complete, and therefore exempt from the typical nomenclature?

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