Sunday, August 10, 2014

Comic Market 86: Fujiya ふじ家 / Nectar

Significant ROI from Fujiya at C86.

In a previous time in my life, I was an investment broker for a nationwide retirement firm and, if I may say so, I was pretty damned good at it.  I feel the same kind of validation when I look at the books that Fujiya has done over the past several months, with a steady diet of super-cute works coming out of the circle with increasingly sharp artwork that mixes fine individual style with high fidelity to the original's artwork.  Seeing Chaikas Trabant and Bogdan from Coffin Princess Chaika on the cover of the circle's Comic Market 86 work, I'd say the financials look just fine and I'm bullish as can be.

Updated 12:02 pm 8/10:  Fujiya's auspicious ascent continues at Comic Market 86:  after breaking new ground by releasing their first original doujinshi at COMITIA108 earlier this year, the circle's challenging itself yet again by releasing a second full-length parody doujinshi at Comic Market 86.  Isuzu Sento of the Yuka Nakajima-designed light novel and upcoming anime series Amagi Brilliant Park graces the cover.  I love love love it when doujin-ka make parody works of other doujin-ka's non-ero series, and between this and Fujiya's previous parodies of the Kantoku-designed series Henneko, this circle certainly knows how to scratch my particular itch!

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