Monday, August 11, 2014

Comic Market 86: NiseMIDIdoronokai 偽MIDI泥の会 / Ishikei / MikanAX

Heeeeeeeeeere's Ishi!

There's been a cold, dark, empty spot in the halls of Tokyo Big Sight since December 2012's Comic Market 83, a spot usually filled with warmth, soft naked flesh, considerable moisture, fun, and undeniable eroticism.  If you wait just a moment to observe, though, you'll notice the temperature rising...  

That last appearance by NiseMIDIdoronokai, the circle had naught but a soushuuhen and a textless eight-page gravure release of iM@S's Rika Jougasaki to show for itself.  While circle artist Ishikei has been extremely busy in the passing months, lending his considerable talents to the monthly Comic X-Eros hentai magazine, fans had been left wanting for a new example of the staggeringly erotic parody talent that made the man one of the most favored sons of the Doujin Kingdom.  Finally, back on July 9, Ishikei made a rare apeparance on Twitter to reveal a new picture of To Love-Ru's Mikan Yuuki and simultaneously confirm that he's still got his fastball.

The release of MikanAX is NiseMIDIdoronokai's fourth To Love-Ru doujinshi, the last one being December 2011's HakuDark.  Mikan was last featured in MikanAL back at Comic Market 76 in August 2009.

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