Thursday, August 14, 2014

Comic Market 86: TIES / Takei Ooki


TIES' Takei Ooki seems to have no trouble with the concept of monogamy, if the circle's Comic Market 86 offerings are any indication.  It's a steady diet of KanColle's Light Carrier Zuihou, first reprising her role as cover girl last performed at COMIC1 this April.  She also appears on a reusable bag and a custom-made netsuke.

Updated 9:28 pm 8/15:  Naturally, immediately following my commenting on Takei Ooki's apparent fidelity to Zuihou does the artist admit to having a wandering eye, with Shoukaku leading the circle's second sortie at the Battle of Odaiba.  This is her first tour of duty for the circle.

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