Monday, August 11, 2014

Comic Market 86: Shigunyan しぐにゃん

I will say it until you believe me...


I wish all of doujinshidom could see the perfect, celestial synergy taking place between Shigunyan and Kantai Collection's Haruna--somehow, some way, a relatively unheralded and undistinguished circle has found its muse, and we are all best served by merely bearing witness to the adorable display.  Thus far, she's graced three doujinshi, a tapestry, and a small bag, and now the cat-eared cutie comes dakimakurized, wedding-banded and ready for prime placement in your otaku lair.  

Not content to simply laze about in bed, Haruna is also featured in an erotic parody doujinshi, her fourth such appearance for the circle, though it's not certain where her nekomimi have gone off to in this outing...

Also, for the third time, KanColle's Kaga will star in an erotic parody book for the circle, apparently having inherited Haruna's cat ears and also sporting a wedding ring, neither of which she had in her previous outings at C85 or Sankuri 62.

Finally, Shigunyan's 52nd convention-exclusive omake booklet, featuring a chibified KanColle Airfield Princess...

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