Thursday, August 14, 2014

Comic Market 86: WIREFRAME / Hagure Yuuki

On the idol comeback trail

It's somewhat shocking to find that it's been a full two years since WIREFRAME's Yuuki Hagure has gifted doujinshidom with new content, but it's true--after two skipped Winter Comikets and a soushuuhen at last summer's event, the last new doujin the circle produced was August 2012's iDOLM@STER parody, Cinderella Festa.  From iDOL to idle and back to idol, it's Love Live!'s Eli Ayase on the cover of the circle's Comic Market 86 release.

The circle has also revealed an omake booklet and a t-shirt for sale, both featuring Kantai Collection's Amatsukaze.

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