Sunday, August 10, 2014

Comic Market 86: Mugen@WORKS むげん@WORKS / Akiduki Akina

Fource of Nature

Since last year's Summer Comic Market, Mugen@WORKS has cranked out a trio of KanColle parodies featuring Kongou, and followed them up with another trifecta of Suzuya parodies.  It looks, however, like it'll be a fourth tour of duty for Suzuya--perhaps in the Marianas?-- at Comic Market 86, if this preview image is anything to be believed. 

Updated 2:49 pm 8/10:  While the pose hasn't changed much over the years, it looks like Akiduki Akina might be ready to pass the torch on from one kanmusu to another for the cover of his circle's erotic parody offerings.  As was expected, Suzuya is indeed on another Mugen@WORKS cover, clutching herself in the same way she's done for the artist three times prior.  This time, though, she's followed in form by her fleetmate Taigei.

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