Friday, August 15, 2014

Comic Market 86: Raijinkai 雷神会 / Harukigenia

Uni Umi Roe Whoa!

Credit where it's due to Raijinkai; the circle held off longer than most before succumbing to the onslaught of the Otonokizakan Empire.  After going the Shimakaze route back at October 2013's Sunshine Creation 61, the circle had taken the path less chosen with parodies of Kill la Kill, Gundam Build Fighters, and Mahouka in succession, before going back to the naval base earlier this summer.  Finally, those persistent charmers of Love Live! have broken through, with Umi Sonoda on the cover of the circle's C86 offering.

Like any good old-school doujin-ka, Harukigenia's loath to let us think he's sold out, though, with Sword Art Online 2's Sinon on the cover of an omake book.

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