Sunday, August 10, 2014

Comic Market 86: Mochiya 餅屋 / Karochi

I still say her visor is lame

Okay, time for this blogger to come clean:  I know exactly zero about Mochiya or circle artist Karoti, and the only things I know about Kantai Collection's Ryuujou is that she wears a stupid-looking visor and speaks in Osaka-ben.  Consider it blissful ignorance, because HOLY SMOKES look at the erotic parody doujinshi and dakimakura of Ryuujou that Mochiya's putting out for Comic Market 86.  And there's an artist/subject backlog.  I've mentioned discovering new circles to follow because of KanColle that I never would've found otherwise--add Mochiya to the list.

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