Sunday, August 10, 2014

Comic Market 86: Shoujo Kishidan 少女騎士団 / Oyari Ashito

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Following the release of Eiyuu*Senki GOLD earlier this spring, Oyari Ashito professed he would be taking a long vacation, and was good to his word by maintaining relative radio silence for more than a month.  He has emerged from his chrysalis seemingly still infatuated with the girls of Love Live! that starred in two full-length doujinshi for him before their performance was interrupted by the Kantai Collection juggernaut at Comiket 85.  While news of an erotic parody doujin is forthcoming, Ashito has shown off a set of clear files (remember his iM@S clear file set from C83?) featuring the Otonokizakans in lovely marching band mode.
Updated 9:51 am 7/4/14:  Ashito recently shared a look at Honoka Kosaka's nearly complete file.

Update 2, 11:22 am 8/10:  Shoujo Kishidan has revealed its full slate of goods for Comic Market 86, and as expected it's an idol-centric showcase, with a surprise guest appearance from the previous spate of song-and-dancers the circle worshipped not so long ago.  

The girls of iDOLM@STER's 765 Productions kick off the show with a soushuuhen of the circle's IDOLTIME works, a collection of six standalone books featuring Iori Minase and Yukiho Hagiwara originally released between 2008 and 2011.  

This makes the second summer Comiket where the iM@S girls have been called into shoushuuhen service, after the circle's In The Harem troika and Love Complex books were compiled in Idoltime SpecialSpecial last August.

For his circle's newest offering, Oyari Ashito's seemed to have caught onto that great American comics tradition of collectible variant covers with his new Love Live! parody book apparently likes the title What is this thing called love? so much, he gave it to two separate, standalone Love Live! parody books, as Eli Ayase and Nozomi Toujou go usagi mode for one, while standby yuri pairing Maki and Nico are ready for a beach day on the other.  The circle has yet to offer preview pages to confirm if this is a gravure-style book, or one involving intercourse.

Finally, the circle's clear file set of the μ's crew in marching band mode is completed, numbered, pinstriped, and ready for the Rose Parade.  

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