Sunday, August 10, 2014

Comic Market 86: Clesta / Cle Masahiro / CL-orz 38 & 39

Choose μ's to snooze and for lewd cruise views

After breaking through the KanColle flotilla at Sankuri 64 with the Love Live! erotic parody doujin CL-orz 37, it looks like Clesta will continue their idolization of the girls of Otonokizaka Academy at Comic Market 86.  Nozomi Toujou becomes the latest candidate for dakimakurization by Dr. Cle, getting a Rubenesque treatment not dissimilar to the way he depicted Atago back at Comic1 earlier this year.  

Updated 1:35 pm 8/3:  Clesta's pushed all his ceramic betting discs onto the Love Live! space for Comiket 86.  Having already featured Nozomi, Maki, and Nico on the cover of CL-orz 37, it looks like the rest of the μ's girls will be put into Cle Masahiro's service.  Preview pictures shared by the artist on Twitter suggest a pair of new books from the circle, with the remaining six of the nine getting their due.

Cle also indicated via Tweet that event attendees would have access to a bonus item featuring some of the mothers of Otonokizaka's finest!

Update 2 10:23 am 8/10:  As previously suggested, there are indeed two new Love Live! parody books from Clesta coming to Tokyo Big Sight at C86.  Following up Nico, Nozomi, and Maki's lingerie-clad effort on CL-orz 37, Kotori Minami, Honoka, and Umi Sonoda take the cover of CL-orz 38, while Rin Hoshizora, Hanayo Koizumi, and Eli Ayase claim CL-orz 39 in beach wear more appropriate for the sweltering climes of Odaiba.

Cle also revealed the Love Live! moms's role in the proceedings, as they appear in the convention-exclusive CL-ev 12.

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