Sunday, August 10, 2014

Comic Market 86: Hyoco Road ひょこ道 / Hyocorou

Second evolution awakens first-rate doujin-ka

After a steady diet of excellent, edgy OreImo parody works over a course of about four years, Hyoco Road hasn't been heard from across doujinshidom since last August's Comic Market 84's Zettai Kirino Ryouiki 2.  Though there certainly hasn't been any lack of incestuous rom-com series to parody since Kirino and Kyousuke Kousaka's story ended, it's no surprise that it's the KanColle juggernaut that's brought series artist Hyocorou out from hiding.  The light cruiser Sendai, in her second evolutionary form, takes the cover, apparently in need of help with a gasket or washer replacement.

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